A naming ceremony gives you the opportunity to express the love and commitment that you have for your child. A non-religious ceremony enables your child to make his or her own choices about what he or she believes when he or she is older.

There are many rituals that are possible including Candle Lighting, Wish Papers, Wishes with Coins, Water Blessing, Rose Petal Blessing, Magic Dust, Tree Planting, Release of Balloons and Time Capsule.

There are also special readings that you may like to be read by you, a family member, a friend, or the celebrant. Naming ceremonies allow you to express the importance of family and friends in your life by asking them to be godparents or guardians to your child.


Vow renewal ceremonies allow you to re-live the magic of your wedding day. It is also known as a re-affirmation of vows ceremony. People may choose this ceremony to reflect upon their married life and re-commit to each other in front of their family and friends.

It is also a great opportunity to involve your children and perhaps even your grandchildren. You may choose your original vows or you may like to write new ones as a tribute to your journey.


Couples may choose this type of ceremony when they wish to commit to each other in front of family and friends without opting for a legal marriage ceremony. It is usually for couples who are unable to marry for legal or other reasons.

Although a commitment ceremony is not a wedding, couples who have been married overseas, or quite some distance away, may wish to celebrate their marriage by having a ceremony for family and friends who were unable to attend the actual wedding.

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