Hello, my name is Karen Elizabeth Jarvis. I am an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant looking forward to assisting you for that special moment in your life.

My aim as your marriage celebrant is to put you at ease by having a friendly and down to earth approach while remaining professionally focused on understanding and attending to your wishes for your special day. Having a good rapport with my couples leads to a relaxed wedding day for both of you.

My job is to listen to you, guide you, and work with you so that we may design a ceremony that best reflects your personal situation.


On the day of the wedding ceremony, I will arrive early to ensure that everything is in place as planned for your ceremony to run smoothly.

My PA system will be positioned so that all of the guests can hear and enjoy the ceremony.  Should my PA system be used for the ceremony music, I will run through the cues with the nominated person who will play the music.

My wedding register and certificates will be positioned on the signing table and if you do not have your own special pen for the signing, I have a set of pens with Swarovski crystals for your use.

I will make sure the groom/bride, his/her attendants and guests are in place for the arrival of the bride/groom.  And of course, make sure the rings have arrived. I will greet the bride/groom on her/his arrival and when she/he is ready, I will cue for the entrance song to begin.

All you need to do then is relax and enjoy your day as I will let you know where you need to be, and what you need to say, throughout the ceremony.

Renewal of vows, commitment and naming ceremonies basically run the same way with a few adjustments to reflect the occasion.

Looking forward to sharing one of life’s happiest moments with you!

Karen Jarvis - Civil Marriage Celebrant Rockhampton

Karen Jarvis - Rockhampton Weddings - weddings take a moment marriage takes time
Karen Jarvis - Rockhampton Weddings - weddings take a moment marriage takes time

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